Easy Homemade Granola Without a Recipe

Homemade granola, No Need for Recipe/MyBajaKitchen.com

Healthy snacks start with fresh whole ingredients and developing a strategy for making your own homemade granola without a recipe is a big step towards eating real food. I’ve been making yogurt every week so making granola was a natural next step. I made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

A word about Mexican snacks:

There are a lot of bad snacks in Mexico. Many are high in sugar and hydrogenated oils and don’t even get me started on the weird fluorescent red “sauce” the kids put on their chips and other “snacks”. Ugh. What ever happening to grabbing an apple or a piece of cheese for a midday pick me up?

In truth, America has many more scary snacks than Mexico so this homemade granola recipe will come in handy in the U.S. also. I blame the U.S. for introducing processed “snacks” to other cultures

Snacks for the adventure:

If you saw me packing for the Baja this year you would think that I was packing for a trek through the remote regions of Outer Mongolia. Continue reading “Easy Homemade Granola Without a Recipe”