Should You Stop Cooking in Aluminum Foil?

Stop cooking in aluminum foil/

Should you stop cooking in aluminum foil? I did.

I’m a physician and I care about health and food safety. Frankly it never occurred to me to question the wisdom of cooking in aluminum foil until I posted a recipe for taco zucchini boats grilled in foil and a reader posted, “THERE’S NOTHING HEALTHY ABOUT COOKING IN FOIL.”

I might have said it in a nicer way to get my point across. 😬 Don’t worry I won’t be shouting comments at you if you decide to continue cooking in aluminum foil.

At the time I wasn’t feeling the blog love but I did start to wonder about the safety of cooking in aluminum foil, especially with high heat, so I turned to the research. The commenter wasn’t too far off base and I’m grateful now for her shout out. Continue reading “Should You Stop Cooking in Aluminum Foil?”